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Announcing Rage Against the War Machine!

At this very moment, Congress is rushing through a 2023 budget bill that will send Ukraine another $50 billion for war against Russia. That will bring the total to more than $100 billion this year, more than the entire US Federal Government's spending on housing assistance, labor, science, the environment, and transportation.

We have had it with these damn wars blowing up the cost of food and gas, burning American resources, killing people abroad, and being used to take our civil liberties. For decades democracy in this country has been a sham. We all know that this country is actually ruled by a military-industrial deep state. They murdered JFK when he tried to disband the CIA. Now with the rise of China and the BRICS nations, the neocons at the Pentagon have brought us to the edge of a nuclear WW3 in Ukraine in their insane quest to maintain US hegemony at all costs.

That's why on February 19, the anniversary of the war in Ukraine, we are partnering with the Libertarian Party and uniting people across left and right to Rage Against the War Machine! Join us for an anti-war rally at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. We'll be joined by veterans, speakers, rock bands, comedians, and more. Jimmy Dore, Medea Benjamin, Scott Horton, Garland Nixon, and many others will be there.

We will demand that not one more penny go towards war in Ukraine and that the US negotiate peace. We will also demand the abolition of NATO, the CIA, war, and empire entirely. After the rally we will march to the White House to deliver our demands to Warmonger in Chief Joe Biden.

Every week now there is some new shocking provocation against Russia, some of which were unthinkable even during the Cold War. The Ukrainian missile that hit Poland nearly triggered NATO's Article Five. Ukraine bombed Russian nuclear airbases and got US permission to keep attacking mainland Russia. The US is surfacing nuclear subs to menace Russia.

This is why even the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff says we need to negotiate an end to this war. It's why NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said he fears that we are heading for a direct war with Russia -- right before saying that the solution is to escalate faster and harder. And it's why you need to join us at the Lincoln Memorial to Rage Against the War Machine.

We're working to organize the biggest US anti-war protest in decades because that's what this moment in history calls for. We need funds for a stage, jumbotrons, large speakers, video production, buses to DC, banners, flyers, and more. We've set a target of $45,000. Please give what you can. Anything you can donate helps.

Last night Libertarian Party Chair Angela McArdle and I announced the rally on The Jimmy Dore Show. Look out for the video, coming soon on his YouTube and Rumble channels.

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