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The People’s Party in 2023 and heading into 2024

2023 has been a busy year for the People’s Party. On February 19, in collaboration with the Libertarian Party and other groups, we organized Rage Against the War Machine (RAWM), a major rally on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, with speakers from diverse sides of the political spectrum. If there is something the uniparty (aka duopoly) fears, is the coming together of different independent voters from left, right, and middle, around issues the people care about — and ending the endless wars for profit and investing in the American people is at the top of the list. An estimated 3000+ attended the rally and march to the White House. The People’s Party is working with a coalition to bring RAWM back in 2024 with a new rally and march focused on the shadow government that yields power in this country, with nefarious consequences: Defeat the Deep State, to take place at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on February 17, 2024.

In June of 2023, the People’s Party launched the campaign of Dr Cornel West. Historically, new parties have emerged around a presidential candidate. Dr. West embodies much of the values and goals of the People’s Party and we saw his candidature as an opportunity to bring an ethical candidate into the race with whom the People’s Party could organize and establish itself nationwide. The launch was a great success, with ample coverage in both the independent and mainstream media. Shortly after the launch, however, concerns about ballot access, mingled with perhaps faulty advice, caused Dr West to pivot from the formation of a major new party towards seeking the nomination of a party that already has ballot access in some states, the Green Party.

The move was made with the expectation that a coalition of independent parties could emerge to back his campaign, but with his candidacy embedded in the Green Party, such an effort would be difficult. In retrospect, the switch proved to be ineffective as Dr. West was caught in having to seek a party nomination, rather than focus on the national race from the get-go. Being caught in a primary, of any kind, has often led to the downfall of a candidate’s presidential run, which is why the People’s Party had laid out a path that did not encounter that obstacle.

Dr. West’s change of strategy immediately immersed him in Green Party internal processes, laid out for better or for worse, to nominate a presidential candidate, and the momentum for the office of President of the United States that he had with the People’s Party when he entered the race was lost. Since then, maybe realizing his mistake, Dr West has once again made a switch and declared to run as an independent. We recognize Dr. West as a worthwhile candidate who is a much better alternative to the duopoly, but his mistakes in not sticking with the People’s Party vision of building from the ground up, based perhaps on faulty advice, has wasted precious time and all but put his campaign in serious jeopardy.

Also in 2023, the People’s Party participated in the Independent Voter’s Convention, in Austin, TX. There, the People’s Party made important connections and participated in anti-war and independent voter panels. We connected with RFK Jr.'s campaign and the People’s Party strongly encouraged Bobby to run as an independent, so that he would not be cut off at the Democratic Party primary. RFK Jr. demonstrated courage and confirmed the seriousness of his challenge to the duopoly when he in October announced he is running as an independent. We salute RFK Jr. for this decision as his candidacy outside of the duopoly allows him to run outside of the control of both major political parties.

We also encourage RFK Jr. to make the formation of a new party a cornerstone of his campaign, since he will need support and base of a political party not only for ballot access but also to govern once in office.

At the People’s Party, we see RFK Jr.’s position on the conflict in Gaza, where he has been unwilling to criticize Israel's assault on civilians, as a major stumbling block for many of our members to support his candidacy. We hope his campaign will make a course adjustment on policy. Israel functions as an outpost of US hegemony. The Israeli people are also subjected to the insecurity that comes from policies from Washington DC which have prevented for decades a real solution. Perhaps a candidate outside of the corrupt duopoly will be able to do what is in the best interest of the people of Israel as well as the people of Palestine – a solution that ensures justice and peace.

It is worth noting that neither Trump nor Biden have a major difference on this issue, and the far-right government of Israel finds wide support in the duopoly. It is encouraging to see that a majority of the nations of the world have stood up for the rights of Palestinians and condemned what can only be described as genocide. There has been a swift reaction in public opinion. Whereas, before October 7 it was virtually taboo to criticize the Israeli government, now it is done even by mainstream media.

But beware, the narrative is that US officials are “concerned” about Palestinian civilians, as a way to quelch popular outrage, while at the same time giving the Israeli military the weapons it is using on its campaign against Palestinians. Through their words, the administration and mainstream media want to have us believe they care, while their actions show otherwise. We support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza and ending US arms dealing in Israel, Ukraine, and the world. We believe in leading with diplomacy and peace over war.

At the People’s Party, we will continue to influence electoral politics and work to bring about a new major political party.

Wishing you the best for the new year!

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