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Assange Freedom Rally with Roger Waters at British Consulate in NYC

Join us tomorrow at the British Embassy in NYC to demand that the US and UK free Julian Assange. We’ll join action organizers Assange Countdown to Freedom and NYC Free Assange to declare that journalism is NOT a crime.

Pink Floyd and solo rock legend Roger Waters will speak along with Max Blumenthal, Garland Nixon, Margaret Kunstler, Steven Donziger, Ben Cohen, Randy Credico, Chuck Zlatkin, Sevim Dağdelen, Joe Lauria, and me. Millions just voted to free Assange on Twitter and the NYT finally called on Biden to drop the charges.

Assange is locked up in a maximum security prison in Belmarsh for exposing US war crimes in Afghanistan and Iraq and revealing that the Democrat Party rigged the 2016 presidential election. The US is extraditing him from the UK and threatening him with 175 years in prison.

If the military-industrial complex is able to prosecute him for espionage, it will criminalize journalism worldwide. The US and any country would be able to kidnap or extradite anyone for publishing information online that challenges the ruling class.

Watch the livestream of tomorrow’s rally at 1 pm Eastern Time if you can’t attend in person. Follow Randy Credico, NYC Free Assange, and the People’s Party on Twitter for the video.

Free Assange!

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